End inconsistent, fragmented and siloed data and metadata, spread across the data stack and stored in different proprietary formats.

Knowmaster actively centralises metadata, linking data to services, applications, data sources, users, teams and data processing flows.

Knowmaster's intelligent algorithms analyse and tag metadata and automatically build and update the data dictionaries and semantic glossaries.

INTELLIGENT data quality

Automate the identification, debugging, and resolution of data related issues to improve data quality and reliability.

Take control of your data when it enters the company's systems, rather than after the fact.

Knowmaster's intelligent and automated analysers pro-actively identify data quality issues enabling data teams to act quickly.

An intuitive web interface enable users to discover, navigate and collaborate around data


Knowmaster offers Wikipedia-like data collaboration with integrated data quality control & alerting.

With Knowmaster everyone can manage, consume data and collaborate within our automated and intelligent workflow-oriented self-service framework. 

Intelligent automation considerably reduces the amount of work required to validate the reliability of the data

Frictionless collaboration turns raw data and metadata into a reliable, documented and ready-to-share asset.