85% of data projects fail.

The main reasons for failure are an underestimation of the tedious manual workload and a lack of commitment and support from business teams.

Data Project Acceleration fuels project success by eliminating  tedious manual processes and connecting users using intelligent, real time automation.


Businesses need to be agile to stay ahead of the competition.

Intelligent Automation drastically shortens the runtime of business initiatives by creating a hollistic, real time data cartography. Simplify the identification and resolution of data related issues.

Intelligent and automated analysers proactively identify data issues enabling data teams to act quickly.


An intuitive web interface enables users to quickly discover, navigate and collaborate around data.

To fuel productivity all data contexts needed by different users for different use cases are centralised. 

This greatly simplifies the debugging and resolution of data related issues to improve data quality and reliability.


It’s much easier to maintain a single correct, consistent, high-quality source than it is to maintain multiple copies of metadata spread across various systems. Data Project Acceleration  automatically creates and maintains your single source of truth in real time.  

Metadata is actively organized linking data to services, tools, data sources, users, teams, data processing flows, quality and many other data contexts.

This unified view provides powerful Data Project Acceleration. 


Data quality is one of the critical factors for the successful implementation of many business and IT initiatives. 

Knowing exactly which data is available within the organisation and being able to assess the data quality, quickly, is crucial for successfully delivering your project on-time and within budget. 

Intelligent and automated analysers show you where certain types of data are located and how they are organised. As a result, the data quality activities are accelerated.

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