Knowmaster, Data Project Acceleration

Knowmaster, Data Project Acceleration

Knowmaster, Data Project Acceleration.

Better Data Quality

Know exactly which data is available within your organisation. Get a view of the quality of your data at any time. Identify relevant data through automated data analysers.

Incredible Business Intelligence

Perform high-quality analysis from Big Data. Generate an exhaustive map of your data and get a real-time global perspective. Let our powerful analysers identify the relevant data to speed up the discovery process of reporting errors.

Reliable Artificial Intelligence

Mastering relevant data within the organisation and being able to assess the data quality is crucial for building a relevant AI dataset.

Continuous GDPR-compliance

GDPR requires a real-time view on the personal data you process. Get an objective and comprehensive map of your personal data. Fully automated and always up-to-date across all systems.

Agile Business Processes

Harmonise and streamline business processes to keep your organisation agile. Automate the documentation across sources to identify and consolidate equivalent data.

Automated Data Governance

Create data dictionaries and semantic glossaries with ease thanks to Knowmaster’s intelligent and automated algorithms analysing and mapping your data and metadata.