Continuous GDPR-compliance

Continuous GDPR-compliance

Continuous GDPR-Compliance

The European GDPR legislation stipulates that you must have a global and continuously up-to-date view of the personal data processed by your company. Thorough data mapping is essential to be able to address the critical aspects of GDPR: managing data subject rights, creating a processing register, designing a data and technical process inventory, and so on…

Organisations store a wealth of data in different environments.

The identification and governance of personal data across all systems for compliance purposes shouldn’t be a nightmare.

Many organisations rely on manual audits for the identification of the personal data they process. These projects last for several months or even years, involve many in-house resources and typically don’t lead to a comprehensive map of the personal data. Moreover, this type of data mapping is descriptive and doesn’t ensure that the GDPR compliance will be met over time due to the lack of a real-time connection between the data map and the actual data

Knowmaster enables you to quickly perform a comprehensive data mapping. This objective data map is kept up to date as the data evolve in order to maintain GDPR compliance at all times.  The relevant data are automatically located across all systems and the results of the analysis can be explored in depth, down to the level of metadata and the actual data.