Incredible Business Intelligence

Incredible Business Intelligence

Incredibly Accurate Business Intelligence

Because they are using multiple sources of data from different systems, business reports can contain inconsistent or inaccurate information. Reliable information, however, is essential for better strategic decision-making.

Gartner states that 70 to 80% of business intelligence initiatives eventually fail. At a time when companies are creating more data than ever before, this failure rate is staggering.

In order to locate the source of a problem, IT and BI analysts need to manually review the processes to understand how data for the relevant reports are being processed and routed. A time-consuming process subject to mistakes.

Knowmaster generates an exhaustive and objective cartography of the metadata and data processed by the various applications and keeps it up to date. This real-time view enables IT & business teams to understand at a glance how data is processed. Powerful automated analysers identify the relevant data used to create reports. They don’t only show you where certain types of data are located, but also how they are defined. As a result, Knowmaster speeds up the discovery process, whilst providing reliable data quality analysis and a quick fix for reporting errors.