Reliable Artificial Intelligence

Reliable Artificial Intelligence

Reliable Articifial Intelligence with High-Quality Datasets

Gartner predicts that 85% of Artificial Intelligence projects never succeed. These findings are consistent with a recent report by Dimensional Research, revealing that eight out of ten organisations engaged in AI and machine learning report that these projects have come to a standstill, with 96% reporting problems with data quality and data labelling.

The learning process in Artificial Intelligence projects is based on the data used by the algorithms. A low-quality dataset will inevitably yield unreliable results.

Data quality is one of the critical factors for the successful implementation of AI.

Knowing exactly which data are available within the organisation and being able to assess the data quality is crucial for building a relevant AI dataset.

Knowmaster maps all of your data. This comprehensive data map is updated as data and systems evolve, providing you with an objective view at any given time. This enables you to explore all of your data and automatically assess the data quality.