Class leading intelligent automation

 Native cloud solutions that drastically increase data project throughput,
business value and success.


World’s first cloud native Data Project Acceleration solution providing real time automated data inventory, analysis and quality.

Knowmaster accelerates data projects by automating error prone, tedious manual processes.

Data Quality SCORE

Use our pre-configured data analysers to easily asses your data quality and identify problem areas.

Get your data quality score, identify quick wins and measure how your data quality evolves over time.


Use our pre-configured data cartography and analysis cloud solution to quickly and automatically identify data silos.

Get your data silos score and identify quick wins for streamlining business and data processes


Use our pre-configured data analysis solution to perform a dark data mini-audit.

Get your dark data score to reduce your data blindspots and tap into a wealth of data that you don’t even know exists. 

Supported technologies.