The only Data Piloting Platform for business and data experts.

With Vokse Data Piloting, business and data teams stop wasting time searching, cataloging and cleaning data. Instead they deliver business value, increase sales, and improve customer experience.

Vokse Data Piloting links business and technical data in real-time and enables companies to consistently make the right decisions based on up-to-date and reliable data.


Know what data you have.

Never waste time searching for your data again. Vokse Data Piloting instantly creates a map of all your data, and keeps it up to date automatically.

Advanced automation enables teams to focus on their core tasks. This results in improved productivity and increased employee satisfaction.


Know what your data means.

Vokse Data Piloting analyses your data and metadata and continuously tags and classifies it at scale.

  • Browse business, data and IT views instantly
  • Comment and collaborate seamlessly
  • See all data contexts in realtime.

With Vokse Data Piloting you always know what your data means, by whom it is used and in what context. 


Know if your data can be trusted.

Pro-active metadata, data and data pipeline monitoring ensures that any anomalies are flagged to the right persons or teams, so data quality and compliance issues are fixed before they impact your business. 

Centralised requirements, controls and action plan management enable to collaborate on the priorities and track progress.

Let the numbers speak.

Manual work

What makes Vokse Data Piloting unique?

Vokse Data Piloting delivers business value from day one. It is instantly deployable and integrates with your existing data-stack. 

Vokse Data Piloting creates an up-to-date data cartography and catalog within seconds. It then continuously analyses your data and metadata to find data quality and compliance issues and alerts the relevant stakeholders so problems can be fixed before they impact your business.

Start risk free,
Scale at lightning speed.

With our unique modular approach, you pay for the features you use and  need. Instantly deployable, you can focus on the use-case that delivers the most business value first and then scale fast.

This ensures your investment is fully aligned with the delivered business value.

Automated cartography

data Monitoring

Action Plans

collaborative catalog

proactive alerting

COmpute ENgine

Automated  data QUALITY

continuous compliance